What Videos are Filmed for YouTube

Many YouTube visitors have created a separate world of video hosting. Any owner of a gadget or a computer with Internet access can become a part of it. To declare yourself in this world, you need to shoot a video. The more original and better the videos are, the greater is the likelihood that the channel will get noticed. How to get more likes on YouTube and start earning? Let’s discuss it further.


  • Its Majesty YouTube
  • Finding out the direction
  • Informational
  • Entertaining
  • Teaching
  • Vlogs
  • Video lessons
  • Reviews
  • Let’s play
  • Plays
  • Interview
  • Conclusion

Its Majesty YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the Internet that allows users to self-express. Here any embodiment of crazy ideas is welcome. In addition to expressing the creative potential, a YouTube channel sometimes becomes a good source of income. It is enough to make a funny video, and people will definitely appreciate it. The main thing is to earn more likes and views. You can do it yourself or contact the ALL-SMM service, where the professionals know how much is 1000 views worth on YouTube and how to gain them.

Finding out the direction


Viewers are told about some little-known and interesting facts (actual news or events). Each video is on different topic.


These materials allow users to relax after a hard working day. These are all kinds of challenges, pranks, vlogs, etc.

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The channel owner shares their knowledge and advice with the subscribers. Particularly popular are the video tutorials on learning foreign languages.


Describing vlogs in a simple way, these are video diaries familiar to many people since their childhood. With the help of a camera, a person captures some interesting moments from the everyday life, while traveling, at work, and almost immediately puts it on display to the subscribers.

Video lessons

It is not necessary to get engaged exclusively in learning languages ​​with the subscribers on the channel. You can write how to use some household appliance. People would rather watch a video on this topic than search for a suitable article.

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With the development of online commerce, the need in reviews of various products has arisen. When people buy something on the Internet, first they would like to see the goods in consumption. A good review helps to make their mind before purchasing.

Let’s play

The author plays a certain computer game on his channel and comments everything happening in it. To occupy a niche in this segment, you need to be an ardent fan of computer games.


One person or group of people shoot funny performances and post them on YouTube. If everything is done with talent, many views are guaranteed. A script is written for each scene.

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As practice has shown, good interviewers have a good success on YouTube. You can invite a famous person to your conversation and ask tricky questions. If it is not possible to invite such people, it is enough to go outside and ask funny questions to the passers-by.


These are just a few options existing on YouTube. If you are interested, why not to try yourself in a particular direction. But it would be even better to come up with your own direction. People like everything unusual and new. Maybe you have something to show people and become famous worldwide.

How to Design YouTube Videos Smartly

To attract users to your videos, use the tools to promote YouTube. Be sure to create detailed descriptions of the videos with the important keys in the first 200 characters. Do not forget about the title of the video and hashtags.

• First video on the channel: How to make it right?
• Catchy title
• Description of the video
• Hashtags for promotion
• Correct selection of badges
• Other nuances
• Conclusion

First video on the channel: How to make it right?

Have you created a YouTube channel? It’s time to add the first video there. We hope you already have an idea about how to develop your channel and what to publish there? If not, think over the strategy; it is extremely important for the promotion. If the strategy is ok, feel free to upload the video. Below we will talk about what you need to pay attention to when posting it.

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Catchy title

The first thing that viewers look at when choosing what they will watch is the name of the video. The title of the video should encourage viewing. It is important that it corresponds to the content and provokes comments. If you run a beauty blog, then ask for help in choosing a hairstyle.

The provocations and possible benefits for subscribers also work well on YouTube. Imagine how many views can get a video, if you call it: “Minus -5 kg ​​after watching the video. Guarantee 100%.” You will not even need to buy 500 YouTube views to achieve a good result from this content.

Description of the video

A title without a description can hardly give the effect you are waiting for. Therefore, be sure to describe what your video is about. Pay attention to the first two sentences. They are always visible to the users, while others can be hidden.

In the description, you can specify all participants of the video. This is very useful if you are making videos in the interview format. Have you got your own website? Give a link to it in the description. For the promotion of the video, indicate the key requests corresponding to the video in the description.

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Hashtags for promotion

Another important element to pay attention to when uploading video is hashtags. These are items letting other users to find your video. For your subscribers, they will be useful to collect all the videos on the same subject in the playlist. But remember that you need to add only those hashtags that reflect the essence of the video. Otherwise, they will not help to achieve success.

Proper selection of badges

The badge is an important part of the video. After all, this is exactly what YouTube users will see. Therefore, make it in the way it reflects the content of your video and looks good on the large screens of the desktop computer, Smart TV and small screens of smartphones and tablets. To get your badge you need to go through the channel confirmation procedure.

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Other nuances

When creating a video, do not forget to use the effects. They can be used when processing video in a third-party editor or using regular YouTube tools.

Ask those who watch the video to put likes and subscribe to your channel. We hope we’ve answered the question, how to get views on YouTube videos


Would you like to become a popular video blogger? Then be sure to listen to our advice and create interesting content. Add a description, create an interesting title and add hashtags. Remember that every YouTube video created and filled according to all the rules can bring money not only immediately after uploading, but during all the time of your channel existence.

How to Increase the Activity of the Audience

All newbie video makers are trying to quickly figure out how to gain views on YouTube. To do this, they read articles, watch guides, order advertising. But the views remain invariably low. We will open the secret – it does not matter how much money is 1000 views on YouTube, if the owner of the channel ignores such an indicator as the activity of the viewers.

• Viewers’ activity
• What do they want?
• YouTuber’s actions
• Natural
• Artificial
• Conclusion

Viewers’ activity

Any action that takes place under a video, story, or in a community is perceived by YouTube’s algorithms as an indication that the channel is of interest. Therefore, it will be more often recommended to other users. Activity could be:

  • positive: likes, good reviews, watching the whole video;
  • negative: dislikes, angry comments, now full viewing, or stopping the player.

Of course, positive activity is much more pleasant for a blogger than the negative one. But for the YouTube algorithms, they are equally useful, with a slight difference. If the viewer stopped watching the video in the middle or in the beginning, it means that the video did not cause the required interest.

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What do they want?

First of all, to feel involved in the process of creating a video. Everyone wants to be not an indifferent spectator, but a part of the working group. Next comes the desire to feel that the opinion of the audience is very much appreciated by the author of the channel, that every negative comment causes a response from a blogger.

YouTuber’s actions

Learning the basic desires of the audience and understanding the importance of activity, the novice blogger should use this information wisely. Each their action on the channel must satisfy both the requirements of the YouTube algorithms and subscribers’ requests. Various methods are used for this.

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Natural ones

  • Contests and giveaways. Certain conditions are set before the viewer: leave a comment, put like, subscribe to the channel. In exchange, they get a chance to win a prize.
  • Unique promotions for the subscribers. At the beginning of the video, the blogger indicates that later they will announce the conditions of the offer in order to motivate the viewer to watch the video to the end. In the promotion, you can offer discounts on purchases in the online store, an additional equivalent in the advertised online game.
  • Answers and likes for comments. If the viewer sees that the author of the channel actively reads the comments, replies to them and put likes to some of them, they will unwittingly want to leave their own.

Artificial ones

Many bloggers, even little-known ones, often do not have enough time to draw up the conditions of contests, read comments. Therefore, they use a simpler method – they order promotion. The site ALL-SMM offers services for cheating subscribers, likes, views and even comments. By ordering a comprehensive promotion, you can convince viewers that your content is popular, and therefore interesting.

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Creativity of any contemporary artist is impossible without the active support of fans. Therefore, each blogger must maintain a good relationship with their audience. It is very important to maintain interactivity, even after cheating.

How to Set Up YouTube

Long ago, the new video hosting users suffered greatly from a complicated interface – all YouTube channel settings were in different account categories. Some of them could be found in the account section, others in the studio. After the latest updates, all important settings are there in one place, which greatly simplifies interaction with the service.


  • Creative studio
  • General settings
  • Channel
  • Video upload
  • How to add video
  • How to promote a channel
  • Conclusion

Creative studio

A creative studio is the main element with which each the author interacts. It explains how to make a YouTube video in a few clicks and how to track video statistics: views, interest, audience. Now it also contains the Settings tab divided into several categories.

General settings

If you are accustomed to the classic Creative Studio, you can leave it as it is, but we would recommend using the New Version (beta). Also, be sure to specify the default units of measurement (the currency used in your country) so that YouTube Analytics reports are more accurate.

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The name of the channel, tags, advertising and the number of subscribers is a purely individual choice. Pay attention to the specified country. In some regions it is impossible to enter into a normal partnership with YouTube, so you need to carefully consider this parameter. It is advisable to put the real country of residence, but it is optional.

Video upload

Here you can specify:

  • video title;
  • description;
  • tags;
  • access parameters: open, limited or by link;
  • category, subtitles, license and language.

How to add a video

To add a new video, click the button located in the upper-right corner (next to the alerts). After this, either drag the video directly to the tab, or click the ‘Add’ button. By default, only videos shorter than 15 minutes can be uploaded to YouTube. To increase this setting, you must verify your Google account.

After downloading the video, you can add a translation, additional tags, and description to it. Many new users of YouTube are unreasonably ignoring the high significance of the name and description. But these, to a greater extent, are the main motive that will push the user to view your video. If some video is called, let us say “sandwich for breakfast”, a few people want to open, while the “Secret of a Nutritional Sandwich Recipe” will arouse interest and desire to get acquainted with its content.

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How to promote a channel

To promote the channel, take advantage of various marketing techniques: advertising with famous bloggers, collaboration with other content makers, hot topics, and trends. Another, less effort-taking way is to order promotion from ALL-SMM. The service provides an opportunity to quickly increase the number of subscribers on the channel, cheat likes, views and comments to any video.


Before uploading a video to a channel, set up all the parameters properly. If you approach the matter wisely, then choosing the optimal settings, downloading an interesting video, and ordering a cheat will bring you a numerous audience very quickly.

DIY Channel on YouTube

Nowadays, there are several most actively developing categories of YouTube channels. One of the most popular categories is DIY (do it yourself). This is a video dedicated to creation of objects with one’s own hands. Most video bloggers in this field have basic technical skills. It is necessary to understand the scope and characteristics of production.


  • Creating a DIY channel on YouTube
  • Shooting and editing
  • Correct posting
  • Interesting topics
  • Conclusion

Creating a DIY channel on YouTube

Creating a channel on YouTube is simple. However, the devil is known to be in the details. In addition to the banal registration, it is necessary to choose the right channel name, choose a video format, prepare some tools for editing. As for design, you can use a ready-made YouTube channel template. This will save time and get a beautiful channel. Many video bloggers do not think this issue is too important, but it is the channel starts its serious work in this social network exactly from the design.

Shooting and editing

An equally important feature of all DIY videos is the need for a high quality picture. If you forget about this with simple video blogs, then DIY needs a picture with high contrast and resolution. This will allow the viewer to see all the smallest details. Taking into consideration the need to show the high accuracy of work, take care to buy a good camera. Also editing plays an important role. Among the others, there is a great YouTube video editor called Sony Vegas which is a general solution.

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Correct posting

In addition to the beautiful picture, you also need to publish the video correctly. Today it can be done through a special function – broadcasting. The video is published at a certain time, after which a live broadcasting is launched. This allows viewers to discuss what is happening on the screen in the chat. Many people like this feature, it allows to discuss the video. Another important feature is posting time. It is necessary to choose the right time when most of your viewers are at their computers. If the audience is younger than eighteen years old, then the best time is about 3 pm when students return home from school. If the viewers are mostly adults, then the best time to post is 8 pm. If you do not have a regional video blog, then get attached to Moscow time.

Interesting topics

Try to make each video unique. To do this, you need to spend time searching for relevant and interesting topics. For example, if we speak about DIY, then experiments with robotics will be quite interesting. Also consider that the overall level of your videos should be that high that a trained person could repeat them. Why trained? Because if we restrict ourselves exclusively to cutting out slippers from the plastic bottles, then such content will not be interesting to anyone.

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Today, YouTube has become a platform where all users can count on getting their viewers. Probably, not too big numbers, but every content will find its viewer. That is why it is worth tracking the latest trends and try to publish new videos with interesting topics.