DIY Channel on YouTube

Nowadays, there are several most actively developing categories of YouTube channels. One of the most popular categories is DIY (do it yourself). This is a video dedicated to creation of objects with one’s own hands. Most video bloggers in this field have basic technical skills. It is necessary to understand the scope and characteristics of production.


  • Creating a DIY channel on YouTube
  • Shooting and editing
  • Correct posting
  • Interesting topics
  • Conclusion

Creating a DIY channel on YouTube

Creating a channel on YouTube is simple. However, the devil is known to be in the details. In addition to the banal registration, it is necessary to choose the right channel name, choose a video format, prepare some tools for editing. As for design, you can use a ready-made YouTube channel template. This will save time and get a beautiful channel. Many video bloggers do not think this issue is too important, but it is the channel starts its serious work in this social network exactly from the design.

Shooting and editing

An equally important feature of all DIY videos is the need for a high quality picture. If you forget about this with simple video blogs, then DIY needs a picture with high contrast and resolution. This will allow the viewer to see all the smallest details. Taking into consideration the need to show the high accuracy of work, take care to buy a good camera. Also editing plays an important role. Among the others, there is a great YouTube video editor called Sony Vegas which is a general solution.

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Correct posting

In addition to the beautiful picture, you also need to publish the video correctly. Today it can be done through a special function – broadcasting. The video is published at a certain time, after which a live broadcasting is launched. This allows viewers to discuss what is happening on the screen in the chat. Many people like this feature, it allows to discuss the video. Another important feature is posting time. It is necessary to choose the right time when most of your viewers are at their computers. If the audience is younger than eighteen years old, then the best time is about 3 pm when students return home from school. If the viewers are mostly adults, then the best time to post is 8 pm. If you do not have a regional video blog, then get attached to Moscow time.

Interesting topics

Try to make each video unique. To do this, you need to spend time searching for relevant and interesting topics. For example, if we speak about DIY, then experiments with robotics will be quite interesting. Also consider that the overall level of your videos should be that high that a trained person could repeat them. Why trained? Because if we restrict ourselves exclusively to cutting out slippers from the plastic bottles, then such content will not be interesting to anyone.

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Today, YouTube has become a platform where all users can count on getting their viewers. Probably, not too big numbers, but every content will find its viewer. That is why it is worth tracking the latest trends and try to publish new videos with interesting topics.