How to Design YouTube Videos Smartly

To attract users to your videos, use the tools to promote YouTube. Be sure to create detailed descriptions of the videos with the important keys in the first 200 characters. Do not forget about the title of the video and hashtags.

• First video on the channel: How to make it right?
• Catchy title
• Description of the video
• Hashtags for promotion
• Correct selection of badges
• Other nuances
• Conclusion

First video on the channel: How to make it right?

Have you created a YouTube channel? It’s time to add the first video there. We hope you already have an idea about how to develop your channel and what to publish there? If not, think over the strategy; it is extremely important for the promotion. If the strategy is ok, feel free to upload the video. Below we will talk about what you need to pay attention to when posting it.

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Catchy title

The first thing that viewers look at when choosing what they will watch is the name of the video. The title of the video should encourage viewing. It is important that it corresponds to the content and provokes comments. If you run a beauty blog, then ask for help in choosing a hairstyle.

The provocations and possible benefits for subscribers also work well on YouTube. Imagine how many views can get a video, if you call it: “Minus -5 kg ​​after watching the video. Guarantee 100%.” You will not even need to buy 500 YouTube views to achieve a good result from this content.

Description of the video

A title without a description can hardly give the effect you are waiting for. Therefore, be sure to describe what your video is about. Pay attention to the first two sentences. They are always visible to the users, while others can be hidden.

In the description, you can specify all participants of the video. This is very useful if you are making videos in the interview format. Have you got your own website? Give a link to it in the description. For the promotion of the video, indicate the key requests corresponding to the video in the description.

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Hashtags for promotion

Another important element to pay attention to when uploading video is hashtags. These are items letting other users to find your video. For your subscribers, they will be useful to collect all the videos on the same subject in the playlist. But remember that you need to add only those hashtags that reflect the essence of the video. Otherwise, they will not help to achieve success.

Proper selection of badges

The badge is an important part of the video. After all, this is exactly what YouTube users will see. Therefore, make it in the way it reflects the content of your video and looks good on the large screens of the desktop computer, Smart TV and small screens of smartphones and tablets. To get your badge you need to go through the channel confirmation procedure.

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Other nuances

When creating a video, do not forget to use the effects. They can be used when processing video in a third-party editor or using regular YouTube tools.

Ask those who watch the video to put likes and subscribe to your channel. We hope we’ve answered the question, how to get views on YouTube videos


Would you like to become a popular video blogger? Then be sure to listen to our advice and create interesting content. Add a description, create an interesting title and add hashtags. Remember that every YouTube video created and filled according to all the rules can bring money not only immediately after uploading, but during all the time of your channel existence.