How to Increase the Activity of the Audience

All newbie video makers are trying to quickly figure out how to gain views on YouTube. To do this, they read articles, watch guides, order advertising. But the views remain invariably low. We will open the secret – it does not matter how much money is 1000 views on YouTube, if the owner of the channel ignores such an indicator as the activity of the viewers.

• Viewers’ activity
• What do they want?
• YouTuber’s actions
• Natural
• Artificial
• Conclusion

Viewers’ activity

Any action that takes place under a video, story, or in a community is perceived by YouTube’s algorithms as an indication that the channel is of interest. Therefore, it will be more often recommended to other users. Activity could be:

  • positive: likes, good reviews, watching the whole video;
  • negative: dislikes, angry comments, now full viewing, or stopping the player.

Of course, positive activity is much more pleasant for a blogger than the negative one. But for the YouTube algorithms, they are equally useful, with a slight difference. If the viewer stopped watching the video in the middle or in the beginning, it means that the video did not cause the required interest.

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What do they want?

First of all, to feel involved in the process of creating a video. Everyone wants to be not an indifferent spectator, but a part of the working group. Next comes the desire to feel that the opinion of the audience is very much appreciated by the author of the channel, that every negative comment causes a response from a blogger.

YouTuber’s actions

Learning the basic desires of the audience and understanding the importance of activity, the novice blogger should use this information wisely. Each their action on the channel must satisfy both the requirements of the YouTube algorithms and subscribers’ requests. Various methods are used for this.

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Natural ones

  • Contests and giveaways. Certain conditions are set before the viewer: leave a comment, put like, subscribe to the channel. In exchange, they get a chance to win a prize.
  • Unique promotions for the subscribers. At the beginning of the video, the blogger indicates that later they will announce the conditions of the offer in order to motivate the viewer to watch the video to the end. In the promotion, you can offer discounts on purchases in the online store, an additional equivalent in the advertised online game.
  • Answers and likes for comments. If the viewer sees that the author of the channel actively reads the comments, replies to them and put likes to some of them, they will unwittingly want to leave their own.

Artificial ones

Many bloggers, even little-known ones, often do not have enough time to draw up the conditions of contests, read comments. Therefore, they use a simpler method – they order promotion. The site ALL-SMM offers services for cheating subscribers, likes, views and even comments. By ordering a comprehensive promotion, you can convince viewers that your content is popular, and therefore interesting.

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Creativity of any contemporary artist is impossible without the active support of fans. Therefore, each blogger must maintain a good relationship with their audience. It is very important to maintain interactivity, even after cheating.