How to Set Up YouTube

Long ago, the new video hosting users suffered greatly from a complicated interface – all YouTube channel settings were in different account categories. Some of them could be found in the account section, others in the studio. After the latest updates, all important settings are there in one place, which greatly simplifies interaction with the service.


  • Creative studio
  • General settings
  • Channel
  • Video upload
  • How to add video
  • How to promote a channel
  • Conclusion

Creative studio

A creative studio is the main element with which each the author interacts. It explains how to make a YouTube video in a few clicks and how to track video statistics: views, interest, audience. Now it also contains the Settings tab divided into several categories.

General settings

If you are accustomed to the classic Creative Studio, you can leave it as it is, but we would recommend using the New Version (beta). Also, be sure to specify the default units of measurement (the currency used in your country) so that YouTube Analytics reports are more accurate.

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The name of the channel, tags, advertising and the number of subscribers is a purely individual choice. Pay attention to the specified country. In some regions it is impossible to enter into a normal partnership with YouTube, so you need to carefully consider this parameter. It is advisable to put the real country of residence, but it is optional.

Video upload

Here you can specify:

  • video title;
  • description;
  • tags;
  • access parameters: open, limited or by link;
  • category, subtitles, license and language.

How to add a video

To add a new video, click the button located in the upper-right corner (next to the alerts). After this, either drag the video directly to the tab, or click the ‘Add’ button. By default, only videos shorter than 15 minutes can be uploaded to YouTube. To increase this setting, you must verify your Google account.

After downloading the video, you can add a translation, additional tags, and description to it. Many new users of YouTube are unreasonably ignoring the high significance of the name and description. But these, to a greater extent, are the main motive that will push the user to view your video. If some video is called, let us say “sandwich for breakfast”, a few people want to open, while the “Secret of a Nutritional Sandwich Recipe” will arouse interest and desire to get acquainted with its content.

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How to promote a channel

To promote the channel, take advantage of various marketing techniques: advertising with famous bloggers, collaboration with other content makers, hot topics, and trends. Another, less effort-taking way is to order promotion from ALL-SMM. The service provides an opportunity to quickly increase the number of subscribers on the channel, cheat likes, views and comments to any video.


Before uploading a video to a channel, set up all the parameters properly. If you approach the matter wisely, then choosing the optimal settings, downloading an interesting video, and ordering a cheat will bring you a numerous audience very quickly.