Instagram Followers Cheat: General Information

Positive statistics on Instagram followers’ growth is a time consuming and multifaceted process. No one needs fake followers on Instagram. Everyone is interested in cheat with real people who would (ideally) show interest to the project in future.

Why is Instagram cheat needed, what are the ‘pitfalls’ here? Let’s discuss it in more details!


– Why do you need more attention to the account?

– What can be cheated?

– Indirect methods of cheat.

Why do you need more attention to the account?

Increased attention to your account can have several goals,  such as:

– Increase the authority in the eyes of friends, relatives;

Even 50 free Instagram followers are already an increase in your own authority and self-confidence. And what if there are more such followers? The customer can set the required number of people for cheat and make your profile special, unique and relevant.

For example, thanks to this service, you can receive extensive ‘feedback’ about your work or increase the awareness if you are an actor. Also, it may not have a clearly defined goal or it could be just a whim!

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– Increase the page views number;

The increased number of views will allow, thanks to the internal algorithms of Instagram, to attract more like-minded people or increase the loyalty of the existing audience.

– Increase the cost for advertising in your account.

It is no secret that many Instagrammers sell advertising in their posts. The advertiser strictly ensures that the ad has been shown to a specific audience, with a certain taste and moral preferences. The more people will see the advertised product, the more expensive is the price you can charge for the services.

What can be cheated?

The following types of ‘social life’ can be boosted:

– Followers;

– Likes (general and to a specific post);

– Post views;

– Comments.

It is also worth considering the time for which these processes will occur.

The most ideal option is to get the maximum increase in followers for the minimum amount of time. However, it can be ‘dangerous’ – Instagram could ‘understand’ that there is an incorrect use of a third-party service, and sanctions might be applied to a suspicious account. Restrictions may be either temporary or lifelong (ban).

Good services for cheat can offer effective methods of increasing the audience that will not cause any problems in future!

Also, such services will always ‘clarify’, how long ago you have used similar services last time so that there are no difficulties with application.

These ‘aspects’ affect the account and make it popular and recognizable.

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Indirect methods of cheat

There are no direct ways of cheat. Usually, such methods are called ‘mentioning method’.

It means that a popular person can show a link to your profile in a ‘random’ post. Unlike direct advertising, this method will allow raising the general level of profile recognition, without direct visits.

The minimum mentioning of yourself in the description will make it clear for the resource that someone is interested in the person – you are popular and it is worth showing a profile which would motivate people to open Instagram app more often.

The more often a profile is mentioned, the more actively will Instagram offer following it to the regular users. This will allow the ‘newcomers’ to fill their news feed with important, relevant events and people, including your posts!

Instagram will be able to filter the people suitable for your content and to offer them following you.