What Videos are Filmed for YouTube

Many YouTube visitors have created a separate world of video hosting. Any owner of a gadget or a computer with Internet access can become a part of it. To declare yourself in this world, you need to shoot a video. The more original and better the videos are, the greater is the likelihood that the channel will get noticed. How to get more likes on YouTube and start earning? Let’s discuss it further.


  • Its Majesty YouTube
  • Finding out the direction
  • Informational
  • Entertaining
  • Teaching
  • Vlogs
  • Video lessons
  • Reviews
  • Let’s play
  • Plays
  • Interview
  • Conclusion

Its Majesty YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the Internet that allows users to self-express. Here any embodiment of crazy ideas is welcome. In addition to expressing the creative potential, a YouTube channel sometimes becomes a good source of income. It is enough to make a funny video, and people will definitely appreciate it. The main thing is to earn more likes and views. You can do it yourself or contact the ALL-SMM service, where the professionals know how much is 1000 views worth on YouTube and how to gain them.

Finding out the direction


Viewers are told about some little-known and interesting facts (actual news or events). Each video is on different topic.


These materials allow users to relax after a hard working day. These are all kinds of challenges, pranks, vlogs, etc.

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The channel owner shares their knowledge and advice with the subscribers. Particularly popular are the video tutorials on learning foreign languages.


Describing vlogs in a simple way, these are video diaries familiar to many people since their childhood. With the help of a camera, a person captures some interesting moments from the everyday life, while traveling, at work, and almost immediately puts it on display to the subscribers.

Video lessons

It is not necessary to get engaged exclusively in learning languages ​​with the subscribers on the channel. You can write how to use some household appliance. People would rather watch a video on this topic than search for a suitable article.

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With the development of online commerce, the need in reviews of various products has arisen. When people buy something on the Internet, first they would like to see the goods in consumption. A good review helps to make their mind before purchasing.

Let’s play

The author plays a certain computer game on his channel and comments everything happening in it. To occupy a niche in this segment, you need to be an ardent fan of computer games.


One person or group of people shoot funny performances and post them on YouTube. If everything is done with talent, many views are guaranteed. A script is written for each scene.

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As practice has shown, good interviewers have a good success on YouTube. You can invite a famous person to your conversation and ask tricky questions. If it is not possible to invite such people, it is enough to go outside and ask funny questions to the passers-by.


These are just a few options existing on YouTube. If you are interested, why not to try yourself in a particular direction. But it would be even better to come up with your own direction. People like everything unusual and new. Maybe you have something to show people and become famous worldwide.